Hypnotherapy, Pain Reduction & Trauma Release in South Wales, UK

Healing Traumas

You don't have to live with the aftermath of a trauma.
Sometimes events happen that we cannot control. 
Our job in this life is to accept life as it is and move on. 
If we get trapped,  there are many techniques that you can work with to help you move out of any lingering  pain and hurt.

Traumas include all sorts of abuse, violence,  witnessing an accident,  being born can even be a source of trauble.  So long as you understand that you do not have to carry this burden with you wherever you go.  Support may come  from family and friends but at the end of the day,  you have to change your framework.

You have the choice of either carrying the feelings and emotions with you for the rest of your life or you can let go.

Hypnosis and other Mind Techniques can be very effective.


Check out this website if you have been abused.  Hypnosis can help you get back to normal and lead a great life again.

Sexual molestation or abuse leaves a deep scar sometimes a permanent
scar in your spirit. Over time this causes duress and major stress in
your life. The Webster's Dictionary defines duress as a forcible
restraint or restriction. If you were molested or sexually abused in
any way this is a forcible restraint and over time you develop
restrictions as a result of the abuse.

The problem with abuse is that it evokes such deep hurt and emotional
scarring that for many the easiest way to deal is to suppress the
emotions this brings out. Suppressing the past trauma can lead to
flashbacks and a constant victim state of mind.

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