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The Placebo Effect

In Japan, 13 people are rubbed on one arm with a harmless leaf, but told it's poison ivy. They are rubbed on the other arm with poison ivy, but told the leaf is harmless. All thirteen break out in a rash where the harmless leaf contacts the skin, while only two react to the real poison ivy. What's going on here?

In other cases, doctors report significant physical differences among personalities in people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder). In documented cases, one personality may be allergic to, say, orange juice, while the others are not. Symptoms come and go as the personalities come and go. One personality may be diabetic, while the others aren't, a fact verified by blood tests. What's going on here?

In World War II, when doctors ran short of morphine, they would sometimes hang a bottle of saline solution, label it 'Morphine,' and administer the salt solution intravenously. The soldiers would report relief of pain, as if they had received actual morphine. What's going on here?

The "placebo effect" refers to the frequent, and sometimes miraculous cures achieved by 'sugar pills,' or medicines with no known pharmaceutical value. The common denominator is the beliefs of the people involved. Sandra Blakeslee, reporting in the New York Times, says "as scientists learn that the placebo effect is even more powerful than anyone had been able to demonstrate, they are also beginning to discover the biological mechanisms that cause it to achieve results bordering on the miraculous. Using new techniques of brain imagery, they are uncovering a host of biological mechanisms that can turn a thought, belief, or desire into an agent of change in cells, tissues, and organs."

Science magazine, in April of 1999, reported that pharmaceutical giant Merck stopped research on a new drug, MK-869, after a January 1999 clinical trial analysis found that patients who had received a dummy pill (placebo) had done "unexpectedly well. They did almost as well, in fact, as those on MK-869, wiping out the rationale for the new drug." In his book, Timeless Healing: The Power and Biology of Belief, Dr. Herbert Benson reports on

You can say that the body is made out of molecules, but with equal justice you could say that it is made out of experiences.
- Deepak Chopra, M.D.

numerous remarkable studies of the effectiveness of placebo — beliefs — to heal. He says, "Our brains are wired for beliefs and expectancies. When activated, the body can respond as it would if the belief were a reality, producing health... or illness." In Quantum Healing, Dr. Deepak Chopra expresses a similar idea: "Contrary to what physicians currently suppose, the abnormal pancreas of a diabetic is not as real as the distorted memory that has wrapped itself inside the pancreatic cells." He goes on: "You can say that the body is made out of molecules, but with equal justice you could say that it is made out of experiences."

Marianne Williamson, in A Return to Love, makes this cogent point: "It is not the body that gets sick, but the mind. It is not the body but the mind that is in need of healing." Finally, As You Believe author Barbara Dewey says, "Life does not cause pain. It is our beliefs about life that cause pain. But beliefs can be changed, and therein lies our real hope."

By using PSYCH-K™ to change your subconscious beliefs so they support health and wellness, you can "leverage the placebo effect" to your benefit. And that offers real hope!

From www.sacredmind.com Larry Valmore

Positive Outcomes

The Bridge ~ Step 14 ~ Positive Outcomes

No one else can tell us what to think unless we let them

When we realize that what goes inside of us is our business and our business alone, then we can begin to hold our own power. Of course, there are many people who, for their own selfish interests, would do their level best to tell us what to think and how the world works, but ultimately the reality we create for ourselves is up to us. Likewise, it serves us well to remember that what goes on in our internal world need not be dependant on what's going on outside of us. In other words, there could be all sorts of chaos and craziness going on around us, but if we're filled with happiness and joy on the inside, then we're happy and joyful - and everything else can stay on the back burner.

Of course, that's not what's happening in the lives of most people nowadays. Most of us are attached firmly to our outer world and continue to make things worse for ourselves by dwelling on our doubts, dramas, and disasters, not realizing that we are creating or reinforcing these things when we do so. If, instead, we would become more vigilant of our thoughts and words and then begin to place our attention on more positive outcomes, then that is what we would start to manifest for ourselves.

It seems to me that one of the biggest barriers to really being of service to others lies in our tendency to "dumb down." You know what dumbing down is, right? Dumbing down is when we act like we don't know what's going on because we're afraid of others who appear to be more powerful than we are. It's when we're timid and don't say anything at times when we actually could have a positive influence on the situation. That's what I was doing.

I remember one specific time when I was sitting in a coffee shop with a group of friends, and one guy was saying that there really isn't any such thing as God, and that this reality here on Earth is the only one there is. This man was very strong-willed, and I didn't say anything. I dumbed down, even though I'd had several mystical experiences, and I knew that God exists.

Later on, after I got home, I thought about what we'd talked about, and something didn't feel right. There were several young people there that day, and they were starting to believe the fellow who was so powerful. I could have served them by saying something to balance out his persuasive, but misguided views. But I didn't. So I intended, right then and there, that I would never miss an opportunity like that again.

Since then, I've come to understand that it doesn't serve anyone if I allow others to have their way just because they're more eloquent or more persistent than I am. I speak my truth, and now people don't run over me like they used to. My life, on a personal level, works so much better now that I've stopped dumbing down. Come to think of it, I'll bet our whole world would be better place if more of us would stop dumbing down and speak out for what we truly believe in.

From The Code ~ Intentions in Action

My Intention for today is: I intend that I am at peace within myself.

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