Hypnotherapy, Pain Reduction & Trauma Release in South Wales, UK


Some comments that I would like to share with you.

"My mind is not as cluttered as when I came in today".  (1 session)

"Look! My nails are so wonderful,  I can't believe it". (one session)

*I don't know how I would have managed during labour. Thank you for everything" (4 sessions)

*I feel like a new person. I can laugh again".  (2 sessions)

"I have gained so much with just one session with you.  I can now accept the death of my mother.  Thank you". (1 session)

"I have made an appointment to have surgery.  I will let you know what happens". (one session for fear of hospitals)

"I have been a non smoker for 2 years now.  Thank you.   (1 session)

"I have lost over 2 st. Thank you.  I love exercising  now". (6 sessions)

"I have lost 3 st.  I am the proud mother of twins.  Thank you. (5 sessions)

"The presentation went so well,  I could not believe it." (1 session)

"I have made changes in my life.  I have stopped procrastinating. (3 sessions)

"I am no longer on Morphine" (2 sessions)

"You saved my life.  You helped me regain my self esteem" (1 session)

"I was unable to make love for 3 years because of a very painful birth.  I gave birth to a girl nine months after the therapy ended."(6 sessions)

"I got pregnant with IVF after many unsuccesful attempts" (6 sessions)
"I am glad I came to see you" (1session). Sports related anxiety