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Su Jok Therapy was developed by a South Korean scientist, Professor Park Jae Woo who used his own original theories as well as principles of traditional eastern medicine.  In Korean,  Su Jok means hand and foot. Acupuncture points on the hands and feet correspond to the body structure and organ location and constitute a body micro system.

Su Jok uses stimulation of these points to bring rapid and sometimes instant relief of symptoms connected with various pathological conditions,  including pain and spasm.

The treatment methods include pressure, seeds,  magnets, heat,  needles and massage. There are several clinical studies to prove the efficacy of Su Jok. These include stress disorders, depression, pain relief, bronchitis, and heart diseases.  However Su Jok can be used to treat many ailments, as well as psychological disorders.  It is a therapy which has a huge following in Russia, and now all over the world,  as it is cheap and easy to administer.

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Oct 06

My husband was in agony with a sudden back problem.  I used his thumb to pinpoint where the pain was and massaged the point a few times.  He then went to rest and fell asleep.  When he woke up,  his back was 80% better.  A couple of days later,  he was 98% back to normal.  I did not do any more manipulation on his thumb.  It may be his back would have healed on its own,  or it might have taken longer. All I know is that instead of walking like an old man,  he was back to work and walking straight again!

My two sons had flu at the start of the month.   I massaged their hands a few times. Normally they would have been off school for a couple of weeks.  They were back after 2 days, and feeling a lot better quicker than would have been the case.

I only had 4 hours of sleep the other day.   I had to wake up early,  I felt washed out.   I tried to do some visualisation as I drove to my destination. I was OK,  felt bright and alert,  but as the day wore on, I started to feel quite tired.  I thought,  how about the SuJok?  It worked a treat.  I was truly amazed.

Nov. 06

Jed thought he was coming down with a cold again, a day before his school play. He had a sore throat.  Can you believe it?  He was in "Grease" and he had to sing a couple of solo songs as well.  Did some SuJok on his hand and fingers.   He slept better and he was ok the next day.  We did buy him some cough mixture though.  Either way, he went through the performance with great ease.  Normally it would take days to shift a cold virus.

The other day I ate a bit too much,  I ended up feeling bloated.  Did some SuJok as I went for a walk. Came back and I felt much better.

March 07

My sister was off work because of a lung infection. She could not breathe properly and felt quite rotten. She was lethargic and her legs were very sore and she could not walk properly.  She had floaters in her eyes.  She was a mess.  She lives far away from me,  so I could not do any proper SuJok on her. I told her over the phone where to massage her thumb, and asked her to put a lot of red circles all over her body,  especially where the infection was making feel bad.  I rang her the next day,  she was cheerful and said she had slept soundly. She could walk and her sight had improved.  She could breathe.  She even did some cleaning.  She really felt good.  I was so amazed that such simple advice could have had such large effects.