Hypnotherapy, Pain Reduction & Trauma Release in South Wales, UK

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Stress Management

Stress us a Killer,  we all know this, but are we protecting ourselves? The answer is NO.

We can take as many health insurance policies as we can,   but these won't shield us from the ravages of our Stress Hormones.

Stress plays havoc in our body,  It produces toxins which we can't discharge fast enough.

Long term Stress is  worse because the body is in a state of alert,  keeping nutrients for the muscles and brain,  but has little energy to actually digest food.  The Immune System is suppressed. Therefore the signs of stress are disturbances to the digestive system,  so we start to have allergies and food sensitivities, IBS, bloatedness,  colds and viruses and so on.  Then we start to get headaches, migraines, aches and pain.  Sleep is disturbed,  so the body can't properly clean itself of waste and toxins. Depression sets in. Illnesses follow. Drugs are prescribed.  Side effects prevent the body from healing itself. Vicious circle sets in. Period.

Hypnosis, Mind Relaxation, Power Napping, Good Breathing, NLP techniques, Exercise,  Goal Setting. Medicinal Laughter and a good balanced Diet should work wonders. Hypnosis is used to release past tension, past hurt and emotions. You need to step up to the next level,  this means increasing your stress capacity

Stress occurs when we are not in control of our life and affairs.
See http://www.mindmechanix.co.uk for further information on stress management, stress reduction and increasing the capacity to handle stress.  At the moment,  this site should be viewed on internet explorer.

From a QXCI Practitioner

I know I am not alone. I hear it every where I go these days. It seems like 
everybody is telling me, ”I am so stressed out. I just can’t take it anymore!”
We live in such a hurried age. All our time-saving gadgets have simply
allowed us to cram more into our days and this is creating an intense
pressure in our lives. We must take control of the negative stresses
in our daily living. When the pressure is on, we can win the battle.
The principles that I have lived by for many years have saved my life
many times. Here are some of those principles:

+ Live in the moment.
+ Remind yourself that this too shall pass.
+ You do not have to buy the cow to get a glass of milk.
+ Encourage others.
+ Get out of yourself and do something to help others.
+ Pray.
+ Ask yourself what is the worst that can possibly happen? then prepare to
accept it.
+ Take action on what you are putting off.
+ Plan, think, and plan some more.
+ Take a walk.
+ Read a good book.
+ Eat a chocolate chip cookie (an awesome stress reliever!)

These principles are pretty simple to implement.
Sometimes we just need to be reminded of them.
Go ahead and try them on for awhile, and you’ll be
amazed at the results that will come your way when you practice them.

I recently spent three days taking time to regroup my thoughts, fine-tune my
plans, set some new goals, and make some tough decisions. The principles,
listed above, literally saved my life again. Yes, I am just as human as all of
you who are reading this. I, too, can get pretty stressed out at times. I have
found the key is to plan how I will respond in the midst of a stressful
situation. So why let life’s inevitable challenges stress you out when they
don’t have to? Take control; put these stress management principles to
work in your life today!