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Open a new window and you will find a brand new world.
Change your beliefs and everything in your life will start to flow.
Remove all buried negative subconscious statements from that file,  replace with positive new ones.
In PSYCH-K we check to see that the new beliefs have been taken on board by the Subconscious Mind.
It is truly truly amazing and it is so easy and quick. 
Changing beliefs can improve relationships, self esteem, career, health, prosperity, business, grief and loss and much more.

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Success Stories

I have a wonderful, enthusiastic client who is 17 years old.

About a month ago we did a series of balances for “kicking butt” on the ACT exam. It seems he didn’t do as well as he would have liked the first time around. He enrolled in an after school prep class and had been taking practice exams but had never scored higher than the high 20s. In order to get into the college of his choice, he felt he needed a 30.  In addition, he felt stressed out at the idea of taking the exam because the previous time he had trouble finishing the math section.

We did a VAK to the Future for “kicking butt” on the exam. One of his visuals was to see '30' on his ACT scores. He also saw the acceptance letter to the school of his choice.  We then had him sit in Whole Brain Posture and he imagined the worst possible experience of taking the test until he couldn’t feel anxious about it anymore. Then, in the same posture he imagined taking the test and having it go smoothly. We did one other balance, for the statement “I easily finish my exam with time to spare.”

After he took the test he said that he felt calm the whole time and did well, but didn’t think he did great because he hadn’t finished all the questions (although he finished more than the last time). He called me yesterday to report a great success! His scores came back and he got a 30. He said that he was very proud of himself.

Allison Taylor

Diana Dummer offers this success she facilitated with a client of hers.

"Sue" had a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) on her nose and, seeking to avoid surgery and other allopathic approaches, had been treating it with natural topical remedies for two or three months. There was no discernible change.

After a single PSYCH-K® session, change began to occur. Sue called Diana exactly two weeks later and reported the BCC was one quarter the size it had been. After about two months, it was gone entirely, with no further treatment of any kind.

Based in Evergreen, Colorado, but available by phone and e-mail from anywhere, Diana offers PSYCH-K and nutritional consultation. She can be reached at (303) 679-8290 or frhi@earthlink.net.

Diana says she is "genuinely happier than I've ever been" since studying and using PSYCH-K with herself. "My life is so transformed." Friends and family have told her, "You're the happiest I've ever seen you."

"When I first met my guru, Harry Cohen Baba, I suffered from oughtism. I'd been taking oughtas all my life. Being oughtistic, I was prepared to let my new teacher oughta me around. But he wouldn't. Each morning I would ask him what I should do, and each morning he would answer with a shrug. Because I was so trained to follow oughtas, my oughtanomic nervous system shut down completely."  — Swami Beyondananda
< www.WakeUpLaughing.com>

"Since we first met, Beloved,
I have become a foreigner to every world
Except that one in which there is only You. Or Me."  — Hafiz

There are now more than 1200 people on the Success e-mail list, and I know a number of people forward these stories to others. We are reaching perhaps 1600 -1700 with each publication.

Remember, We're Divine!

Larry Valmore
Sacred Mind
< www.SacredMind.net>

For more success stories, please visit www.sacredmind.net.

Nine months ago I did a session WITH a friend here in Israel. Her session was sponsored by her mother-in-law and focused on mending the terrible relationship she has had with her mother all of her life. Her mother was scheduled to visit the following week for her daughter's Bat Mitzvah. My friend was really dreading seeing her own mother!

After one New Direction Balance, I allow others to grow and change or stay as they are in a relationship, her week was transformed. "I could just let my mother's irritating comments roll off my back. I no longer needed to respond and fight with her."

Now, nine months later, her mother is again visiting from New York and my friend is profoundly "surprised that it is still working." She has fewer "buttons to push." The mother hasn't changed one bit; it is her own aggravation level which is different.

But here's the most interesting thing for facilitators to hear: she was so resistant that, during the New Direction Balance she opened her eyes and said "This can't work." I just offered reassurance and asked her to close her eyes again and continue. This kind of client can be among our best spokesmen down the road! I met her mother for dinner last week, and she wants a session of her own during her next visit to Israel. Meanwhile, my friend has scheduled some surrogate sessions for other family members.

Love, light and laughter,

Yachad Shifman, Ed.M,  HHC, CBP
Certified Holistic Health Counselor,
Certified Bodytalk Practitioner,
PSYCH-K® Belief Change System Facilitator

Holistic SOULutions Wellness Center
Ramat Beit Shemesh-aleph

"Men think that by building, building, building, they will overcome their fear of not being enough, and what they construct will become their living monument. In psychological circles, this is known as an unresolved edifice complex."  — Swami Beyondananda
< www.WakeUpLaughing.com>

"Your eye is so wise. It keeps turning, turning
Needing to touch beauty."  — Hafiz

Remember, We're Divine!

Larry Valmore
Sacred Mind
< www.SacredMind.net>

Hi Larry,

I don't mean to clog your e-mails, but I have to tell you about the amazing benefits I have had with PSYCH-K and my patients. I use PSYCH-K all the time in my physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne. I have helped so many people that I can't even count them.

Recently I helped a woman who had suffered ten years of depression, anxiety and cervical/thoracic pain. After only one Core Belief Balance [an Advanced balance - Ed.] she has no pain at all and is able to look people in the eye and say what she thinks. She has no depression and can't get the smile off her face. Thank you so much, Larry. After 25 years in practice, this is truly the most amazing modality.

With love, Philip Hunter
Oct 07

Here are two of the key statements used in balances that Johnnia facilitated with Opie:

"I am in control."

"I take responsibility."

This is the original story:

Opie Not Oppie No More

This little gem comes from the redoubtable Johnnia Newman in Minden, Louisiana. News and Workshop schedule follow below.

A fifteen year old boy, let's call him "Opie," had been diagnosed at age ten with ODD. No, not 'odd' (although there are such people, to be sure) but Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He was known to be violent with his two younger siblings, get into fights at school, defy teachers and his parents, destroy things around the house, and had even taken a swing at his mother.

He was in regular counseling, and every possible medication had been tried, with no effect. Desperate, his counselor (a friend of Johnnia's) called Johnnia to see if she could help.

Opie's father accompanied him to the session and told Johnnia to "fix him, or his ass gets turned over to the state next week." Johnnia replied that she couldn't fix him, that "he's not broken," but that he could change his thinking and behavior. Prefacing her work with the disarming comment "This must look like the most bizarre thing you've ever seen," Johnnia proceeded to do about 30 minutes of PSYCH-K with the boy. She noticed that a shoulder tic slowed, then stopped during one of the balances.

Johnnia also taught Opie how to use the whole-brain posture to calm himself when he gets upset.

One month later, Opie is getting along with his brother and sister, there have been no write-ups at school, and the principal has not called. Neither his ass nor any other part of him has been turned over to the state. Opie's mother said "The house has never been this peaceful." A week or so ago the mother came home to find all three children sitting on the couch in whole-brain posture. (Opie had taught his brother and sister!)

Johnnia Newman will celebrate 4 years of normal blood sugar readings (after 18 years of diabetes) in a couple of weeks. More on that subject soon. Meanwhile, Johnnia shares this about her former clotting disorders:

Hi Larry,
I started having blood clots in my legs and lungs in August of 1992. As of October 2005, I'd had 33 clots in my lungs, documented by CT scans and lung scans. This doesn't include the ones I didn't bother to go to the hospital with. In an attempt to stop the clots from getting to my lungs and heart, my doctors opted to put a Greenfield filter in the large vessel leading to my heart. I'll always be on blood thinners because the filter can't be removed.
My grandmother is one of 22 children... yes, 22! Seven of her siblings died from blood clots, and -- in the past 10 years -- I've lost 9 cousins due to blood clots.
In early October of 2005, my pulmonologist sent me to the LSU Hematology/Oncology doctors to get a definitive diagnosis. I was averaging two clots a month, even with the blood thinners. 
The doctors thought I was being less than truthful about the number of clots I'd had, until they contacted my pulmonologist. The director came in and apologized, and said they'd do their best to get to the root of the problem since it was obviously genetic.
A week later the director called me and told me that I didn't have a single genetic clotting disorder. I had four!  He said that would be like walking four different golf courses in one day and getting struck by lightning on each one. The odds were astronomical.
Anyway, I decided to balance for the clotting disorders, naming each specifically. Well, here I am, three years later and haven't had a clot since I balanced for them. Most people do not survive their first or second clot, but obviously, I still have much work to accomplish.
Just wanted to give you a progress report.

Johnnia Newman is accepting clients, in person or by telephone.  (318) 371-1583   Or write  johnnacarol@yahoo.com