Hypnotherapy, Pain Reduction & Trauma Release in South Wales, UK

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a way of finding clues as to why we behave in the way that we do.  The Superconscious Mind knows everything about us and when we require information,  it can allow us glimpses of our past or it can construct images so that we understand the problems in our current life. Hypnosis opens the way for us to enter this realm.

First of all,  we need to have a reason to go back. If you have a fear which can't be explained rationally, or relationships that do not work out as you think they ought to,  may be through PLR you might get a new perception. It can also be used to find out reasons for unexplained aches and pain or even illnesses.  You can have one session or several as you discover layers of previous existence.

I had a PLR with Judy Hall at the West Usk Lighthouse in 1998 before I became a Hypnotherapist.  I had a problem with my right shoulder (since childhood), which used to ache constantly.This meant I could not put too much pressure on my right hand.  I had to write with my left hand when the pain was bad,  and this was quite impractical at school and university. My shoulder would ache regularly for no apparent reason.  I could never play tennis,  or carry anything heavy. My own experience with PLR revealed that I was a roman soldier on a battlefield.  My arm was chopped  off and I found myself under a tree waiting for help to come.  Then other images came and went.  I woke up from the trance,  thinking that must have been why my arm was weak. And it was.  Ever since that day my arm has greatly improved.  I rarely have pain there and when I do now,  I only have to say "numb as numb can be" and the pain disappears.  Amazing stuff!.

Many of my clients have revealing insight too, which can be very helpful.