Hypnotherapy, Pain Reduction & Trauma Release in South Wales, UK

Hypnosis for Childbirth

Just like normal discomfort, Hypnotherapy can be used to remove fear and phobia relating to childbirth. Positive suggestions are given to the subsconscious mind for an enjoyable pregnancy, a quick and easy delivery and for the well being of the child and mother afterwards.
Six sessions are recommended in the later stages of pregnancy.

Hypnosis does not interfere with the normal mechanism of the labour process.
It merely allows the mother to be to be in charge of her body, allowing her the freedom to experience  the birth. of a new life in comfort. 
This is really good news for her unborn child.
A lot of research suggests that the baby feeds well afterwards,  sleeps better.  Mother feels more in control and everyone,  including the father,  gets the full benefit of Hypnosis.

Cost: £360