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Migraines can be resolved in many different ways:

  • You can get an allergy test to find out the trigger for you.

  • You can release a lot of anger, resentment and traumas using many of the Mind Skills.

  • You can decide right now that enough is enough and make an appontment to seek help.

The Migraine Resolution Programme (MRP)

The Migraine Resolution Programme is a programme that is designed specifically to reduce and eliminate migraine. Unlike conventional medicine.  A migraine sufferer does not have to wait until a migraine comes along, like a helpless victim, then take some medication to try to alleviate it.  Using hypnotherapy, NLP, and a conscious activity, the Migraine Resolution Programme (MRP) is a very effective combination therapy. MRP reduces the frequency and intensity of the attacks, and then gives the migraine client the  power to end their migraine attacks just as they begin.  Migraine attacks become weaker, and finally give up.

The Migraine Resolution Programme is NOT JUST hypnotherapy!

 The Migraine Resolution Programme uses traditional hypnotherapy as just one part of a programme.  New techniques in hypnotherapy and NLP, a conscious sequence and telephone coaching are also parts of the programme.

MRP was developed by Olivia Roberts GQHP MPNLP

Olivia is a fully qualified and insured member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, and a NLP Master Practitioner. She is also a trainer in presentation skills and management strategies.

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From Olivia…

I began using the Migraine Resolution Programme to help others in November 2004.  I developed this technique 20 years ago.  In 1986 I developed severe, debilitating migraine.  It quickly gained momentum and ended up as daily migraine.  Luckily for me, at that time, my closest friend, Elaine Titheridge, had trained as a hypnotherapist, and she was able to help me.  It was no easy task. As my health gradually recovered I was able to go forward and be successful in my life.  I began a career in pharmaceutical sales that lasted over ten years. In the conventional world of medicine I was able to study many medical conditions in depth - including migraine.  In 2002 I began a course to become a hypnotherapist, and I also studied advanced Neuro-linguistic Programming.  Putting all of this knowledge together for the Migraine Resolution programme, I was able to reproduce the results that I had achieved for myself all those years ago, and use it to help other migraine sufferers.

The Migraine Resolution Programme (MRP) consists of
  1. One or two, two-hour appointments with a therapist
  2. Three to six, or more, telephone coaching sessions

 Has MRP been tested?

I began to understand the value of the programme, when I used this new method to help Karen Bird become free of migraine in November 2005.  The following December was the first Christmas  Karen had every spent without missing many days with her family.  Karen’s story can be found on the web site, and I will give you a link into that site further down the page.  I began to actively market MRP, and developed the dedicated web site.  Many clients came forward from all parts of the country, and began to build a good business for me.  The results are amazing.  Nearly all of the clients who have used the programme, have seen a significant change in their migraine. There is a panel of past clients, so that future prospective clients may speak to these people to discover the amazing effectiveness of this therapy.

Job Satisfaction

There can be few more rewarding experiences than to help a migraine sufferer to be free from their condition.  Karen used to have migraine twice a week, and was embarrassed at having to take many days off.  When you can’t see, and your head is pounding uncontrollably, and you begin to feel as nauseous as if you were sea-sick, you really don’t have a choice, you have to get home, quickly.  If you had planned to get on an aeroplane, go to a wedding (even your own), or join your family for a birthday celebration, you simply have to cancel. Imagine having a job where you arrange important meetings, running the risk that you may have to cancel!

How successful is The Migraine Resolution Programme?

How successful is MRP at reducing migraine down to nil?   Well, I would like to say it has been 100% successful, but that is not the case.  However, almost all of the people who have completed the course have become significantly better, and many have no more migraine now. 

Women have done considerably better than their male counterparts.  There have been less men than women on the programme, but even so, overall, they have not been able to eliminate their migraine as successfully as the women,  85% of the women have been able to reduce their migraine progressively, and many are now completely free from migraine.

 The Panel

The Panel is a list has of people who are willing for new prospective clients to telephone, to talk about the programme.  This list is growing longer and longer as time goes by.

Price: £450