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Pain Control

You can dissipate pain if you want to. The Mind is so powerful that you do not need drugs. 
See the article on the Placebo effect.

The Mind can be instructed to manufacture its own morphine or pain killers. 
Through Hypnosis, Healing and other mind techniques you can be in a place when you can start to heal yourself.
It is absolutely amazing that you always have what you need, but when you start to ask for you want, the Superconscious Mind can't refuse.
The bottom line of all illnesses is stress over a long period of time.  Stress compromises the Immune system and eventually the Endocrine System. Unchecked  Stress abuses the Adrenal glands which produce around 40 hormones. Once the adremals are depleted, then the thyroid and eventually the Pancreas become adversely affected.

You can start to heal yourself once you get to know the positive intent of the pain. It can be that easy. 
From all the research on Cellular Biology,  we can even regenerate ourselves!  I can use Su-Jok, PSYCH-K, NOSIE-therapy, QXCI electro-acupuncture, NLP and Hypnosis to help you.  Please visit the relevant websites.

Research has shown that sufferers hold deep resentment,  especially against one person.  Find out who it is and cure yourself!

No of sessions: 3-10 depending on the severity of the problem.

Please read Bruce Lipton "The biology of Belief" and you can obtain a copy from  www.go2emedia.co.uk/6549

Talking therapy treats 'fatigue'

People with chronic fatigue syndrome should be offered talking therapy and
exercise therapy, research suggests.

The work in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine was commissioned by
the NHS's drug advisor NICE, which is drawing up guidance for doctors.
In the study, CFS - also known as ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) - responded
best to the therapies. Drug treatments had little benefit.

There is controversy over the causes of CFS and how to treat it.

Cognitive behavioural and exercise therapies appeared to reduce symptoms and
improve physical function in adult patients with CFS.

Most pharmacological treatments, such as antidepressants, showed no benefit.
Immunological and antiviral treatments did show some beneficial effects but
they were also associated with harmful side-effects.

Homeopathy and supplements such as essential fatty acids and magnesium showed
some small beneficial effects in single trials. But Mr Chambers said more
trials were needed to be sure of this.
_BBC NEWS | Health | Talking therapy treats 'fatigue'_


E-mail from a practitioner to a Hypno-group. OCT. 2005

hi all.

my limited experience is that there have been issues, of which
fibromyalgia is the symptom. similar to conversion symptoms in
depression. symptom amelioration and/or diminution are possible with
a combination of a variety of modalities including hypnotic
suggestion. paul watzlawick, in "change, the process of symptom
formation and symptom resolution." talks of first order change, i.e.
in this case the fibromyalgia symptoms, and second order change, in
this case the issues and response patterns that are the framework
within which the disorder resides.

the clearest example was a client of mine, with 2 doctorates in the
humanities. after seeing me over a period of a year, she threw out
her alcoholic husband, (initially she was in total denial of his
alcoholism), and the vast majority of her symptomology dissappeared
the same day. if ever she subsequently got involved with a man on the
same basis, i.e. unconscious repeating/re-entering the pattern of
rescuing him so he could rescue her, the bulk of her symptoms would
return. over the next year. we repeatedly disinterred the pattern,
and as she healed, she became rejuvenated, losing years off her
looks, (ladies take note, the best beauty treatment there is). lots
of underlieing guilt, and other roots in her parental relationships,
blocked time periods of unresolved high stress in adult her past,
etc. she became symptom free, glowing.

reading the above, i wonder, as it is such a painful set of symptoms
to choose, perhaps often there is a a guilt issue, and the symptoms
are partly self punishment. if there are strong subterranean dynamics
operating, one would expect a loss of effectiveness of more
superficial methods, as the subconscious re-establishes control,
which iain described in a case. this is all also outside whatever
physical bio-chemical manifestations might occur. these, as in so
many conditions otherwise described in medical terms, are then seen
to be the result of the psychological patterns, not the
fundamental "cause" of the condition.

the experience of the brain of brian.

From another practitioner:

I will give the short answer to maybe help those who are well trained in
analytical/regression therapy.  Regress the client looking for "absolute
rage."  Not anger or anything less than rage.  If not that then look for
some serious emotional or physical trauma.  I have helped people reduce
and/or remove symptoms for fibromyalgia using regression to cause.  Now some
may not accept this approach but it works.  The theory is that the immune
system gets pushed over the edge and breaks down in some areas.  Some
medical people believe the persons helped in this way had be misdiagnoses
with the disease.  Whatever!  If the process gets results, the therapy
works.  For those not trained in regression, I would suggest getting good
training before attempting any regressions.

P.S.  There are no scripts for this, you have to learn.

Barney F. Howell, C.Ht.
Atwood Institute for Research & Education, Inc.
501 E. Plaza Circle Dr. Ste 4
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
1-(623) 853-9516


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