Hypnotherapy, Pain Reduction & Trauma Release in South Wales, UK


Matrix Energetics is just amazing. 

Please visit their website http://www.matrixenergetics.com for more information. 

I went on a 3 day trip to Vancouver to do the course in January 2007.  I was one of two people from the UK  and I can't wait to do level 3. On the way back,  it felt as if the plane jouney had halved!  I was so relieved as I did find the outbound flight long and tedious.  I did not have jet lag and had boundless energy afterwards.  M.E as it is referred to, can lead to instantaneous healing.  It is a simple technique based on intent.   It does not rely on belief of any kind. 
Anyone can do it,  even children. It works on the principle  that we have a blueprint for perfect health,  if this is disturbed through our beliefs,  environment etc. by accessing it through ME, we can regain good health again.