Hypnotherapy, Pain Reduction & Trauma Release in South Wales, UK

“Manifesting is not about getting things that are
not here. It is about attracting what it is
already here and is a part of you on a spiritual
level.” ----- Wayne Dyer

How to put this principle into practice?

Be the observer, consistently observe your
thoughts. Notice the invisible “self” within you.
Ask yourself all the time, who is thinking, who
is observing? Then you will realize it is your
higher self.

Whenever you have a feeling of doubt, worry and
anxiety, remind yourself that you and the source
energy are one. Your desires are coming to you at
the energy level through the unbreakable
universal laws.

Repeat this: "What I am seeking is seeking me."

See the world as one. The divine energy passing
through you passes through everything. See
everything as a part of you. Refuse to put
anybody above you or under you, instead, see them
as you.