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The 10 Universal Laws

1. The Law of Duality
There is a flip-side or opposite of everything. For instance, you can only know good, if there is evil. Light can only exist with dark. Good luck can only exist if there is bad luck. And to experience success you must know failure.

2. The Law of Cycles
All events occur in cycles. Professional athletes might refer to the law of cycles as streaks. In the small business realm it seems to be you're either hot or not. Have you ever noticed how business can suddenly begin to go really well? Your promotions work, you make sales and opportunity seems to be around every corner. Then boom, you can't sell water in a desert, your website crashes, your phone goes dead and pretty much everything is a disaster.

In accepting the law of cycles, you know to make the most of the good streaks. And when times are bad, keep your head up and look ahead to the upcoming reversal of fortune:-)

3. The Law of Evolution
Everything evolves and changes. It is up to you to ensure you progress and move ahead. Because if you are not progressing, you will regress and fall behind. The law of evolution is particularly applicable in the business world.

To compete in the marketplace you constantly need to watch the competition, work to improve your products/ service and serve your customers better. When you become complacent, the marketplace moves ahead without you, you're left behind and before you know it you're out of business.

4. The Law of Choices
You have control over the choices you make. You have the power to control your destiny and your possibilities are unlimited. Stop feeling trapped by your circumstances. You are not a victim. Make the decision to change your life and choose a brand new future.

5. The Law of Responsibility
You must accept the outcomes for the choices you make. If your budget is limited and you decide to stop promoting your business, when sales decline don't blame the economy. You made the decision to stop attracting new customers, take responsibility for it. Only when you acknowledge your mistakes and accept responsibility for your choices can you improve.

6. The Law of Inertia
The law of inertia in physics states, "An object at rest tends to stay at rest." This law is true of life as well. When you stop working on improving your business, or you procrastinate on completing a project. The longer you go without acting, the harder it will be to get started. Don't lose your time to inertia, as it can never be recovered.

7. The Law of Momentum
"An object in motion tends to stay in motion." This second law of physics is again a reality of life. Once you get started, it is easier to keep going and make progress. You probably notice this law in action every day. Once you get out of bed and into the shower (the hard part), getting dressed, eating breakfast and going out the door is a breeze.

8. The Law of Synchronicity
You are part of the universe, not a separate entity. Your actions affect those around you and determine how your life is shaped. It is important to recognize you are inseparable from the events and situations in your life. When you see your connection to the world around you, you understand the control you have over your destiny.

9. The Law of Manifestation
You become what you think about the most. So as the old adage goes, "Be careful what you wish for - you'll probably get it!"

Believe in your thoughts and imagination, because they have power. Use them to your advantage. If you think your life will be rich and fulfilling, you will make it a reality.

10. The Law of Process and Action
Of course, if you are going to move ahead in life and make the most of your potential, rather than just ponder the possibilities, you will need to actually do something. You have to undergo the process of taking your desired goals and breaking them down to manageable parts. Then take action on each step. It is possible to reach your dreams or destination if you plan appropriately and follow through.