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Article: The Law of Attraction and Your State of Being

Because of the popularity of the book and movie The Secret,
there's been a lot of talk lately about the Law of Attraction.
In the circle in which I travel, this has been a topic for
discussion for a long time.

Most prosperity literature relates in some way to the Law of
Attraction, stating that you can make lots of money if you
think the right thoughts and hold the right beliefs. Many
people make positive changes using the Law of Attraction as a
guide, but many also feel frustration because they fail to
materialize that which they want. Even if they earn more,
they don't reach the point of financial freedom they have
dreamed about. .

Does that mean that the Law of Attraction doesn't work? No. It
means that a person has not reached the total state of being
that is congruent with that which they hope to manifest.

First let me define what I mean by state of being.

Your state of being is the totality of how you 'be' in the
world and in your internal space. Many elements could be
listed as part of your state of being including
* Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviors
* The condition of your house, car, or workplace
* The people you hang out with
* How much service you do for others
* Your levels of compassion, understanding, acceptance, and
* What you use to fuel your body (food, drink, etc.)
* How well you take care of yourself

The list could go on and on. Your state of being could be
considered the sum total of all of the energies of your life.
And these energies determine what you attract into your life.

As a result, you could work diligently to think positive
thoughts and create clear visualizations of what you hope to
manifest, but if you have a habit of being disappointed and
you don't consciously alter that habit, then you'll continue
to create situations that lead to disappointment..

Because most people want a quick fix to their problems, they
often become discouraged when, after working on changing old
habits, they don't get instant reinforcement in the form of
the things they want. They don't realize that it's not only
thoughts and beliefs that have to change, it's one's entire
state of being, and because we function in linear time, that
takes more than a week, or month, or even a year.

I talk to many people who hold onto anger and even use it as a
motivating force. Habitual anger often shows itself as
underearning, borrowing money and not paying it back,
compulsive spending, or troubles paying taxes. It can also be
reflected by being the victim in a variety of situations which
provide great opportunities for getting angry.

If anger is a motivating force, then imagine how much has to
change internally in order to find a different way of being.
It can be done, but only with consistent, persistent awareness
and attention over an extended period of time.

So, the Law of Attraction is working for you right now. But if
you aren't getting what you want, it's because what you want
is not congruent with your state of being.


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