Hypnotherapy, Pain Reduction & Trauma Release in South Wales, UK

I live at the West Usk Lighthouse in South Wales which is now an outdoor wedding venue in a marquee.  It has been featured on many TV programmes,  including the Hotel Inspector, Dr Who and 100 best British Homes with Phil Spencer. We now a honeymoon suite overlooking the sea which is  a great place to chill. 


I taught for many years in Further Education.  I was a College Lecturer in Economics and Business Studies at The London College of Fashion,  Lewisham College London,  Nash, Pontypool and Crosskeys Colleges , Newport.

I became a Reiki Master in 1998.  I bought the QXCI machine in 2000,  became a practitioner in Allergy testing and Bio-Resonance.  I did an Advanced  Hypnosis Course with Valerie Austin in 2001, followed by over 120 hours of personal development. I took the RejuvaSlim Franchise for weight loss/detox in 2002, became a Reconnective Healing Practitioner in 2003;  a DNA Theta Healing Practitioner in 2004;   Light Language Consultant in 2005; A SU-JOK Acupuncturist in 2006; a Thought Pattern Management Practitioner in 2006 as well becoming a Certified INLPTA NLP Practitioner in 2006; a PSYCH-K Practitioner in 2006 and Matrix Energetics 2007. 

I have been on Radio, TV and have been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers.  I have appeared on Radio Wales on the Good Morning programme and have had a 2 page article on past life regression in the South Wales Argus.

I have spent over 30k acquiring all this knowledge, not only to benefit myself,  but to help my clients  regain balance and good health.  Please remember, miracles can happen overnight,  but in most cases,  progress stretches over a period of time.  You should give yourself permission to heal, and time to heal.  they say to expect about one month for every year that you have been unwell,  this of course will differ with each individual.

I  love what I do. I am constantly updating my knowledge and I truly enjoy sharing my newly found skills.  I know that the  Mind is too vast to comprehend,  but  Hypnosis and the other Mind Techniques can help us to live a joyous and peaceful life. Doctors, Scientists and many professional people now believe the Mind is too powerful to relegate it when we become ill. Drugs cause many side effects,  they work for acute problems but not chronic or when illnesses become too complicated.

In January 07,  I went to Vancouver to do the Matrix Energetics Course  and in April 07, I did a workshop with Stuart Wilde, who taught us to see "Morph",  and have also completed the 6th Template Ceremony with Juliet & Jiva Carter in Glastonbury.

The last few years I have attended many workshops on such topics as psychic development, EFT, Raindrop Therapy, The Balance Procedure Technique, and more.

I am also interested in the Law of Manifestation and Abundance and run regular courses at the West Usk Lighthouse.  We also have monthly meetings on Spirituality. We now organise UFO and Paranormal Conferences. The marquee is available for hire. 

Tel: 01633 810126
Email: daniellesheahan@yahoo.co.uk