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Creating Wealth can be easy, effortless or it can be a hard struggle.  Either way,  our beliefs get in the way.  Remove negative beliefs , install empowered ones and Hey Presto,  you will have the right recipe to move forward and enjoy abundance in your life.

We need Intention- Be clear as to what we want,  Attention- Be clear about feelings,  emotions and thoughts, as if what we want has already happened, then take the necessary action and Letting Go in order to manifest it.

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The Bridge ~ Step 9 ~ The Progression of Power  by www.intenders.org

The reality that you create is up to you

Anyone who desires to become more proficient at using The Intention Process must pass through six stages or steps before becoming an adept. I was fortunate to learn these steps from a tall, highly intelligent man who mysteriously showed up at my doorstep one summer day when I was living in Corrales, NM. He said his name was Ralph, and that he was an author of a different sort than me. Whereas I'd always been interested in the intuitive side of life, Ralph's talent, as I soon realized, was that he was scientifically oriented. He liked to analyze things and put them in order.

After a few minutes of customary introductions and niceties, we got to talking about the laws of manifestation, and Ralph said that, lately, he'd been writing about something he'd discovered in his research. It had to do with a particular progression that most people go through in order to become more skilled at manifesting.

The initial step in this progression, he said, was testing. If we're going to create anything consciously, we must first run a test by making an intention and establishing for ourselves that the process works. Once we realize that our intention has, in fact, manifested in our physical experience, we'll be more apt to test it again by making several more intentions and watching closely for them to manifest as well. In this way, he said, we gain a modicum of proficiency and work our way toward the second step in the progression: we begin to trust.

Ralph explained that the more we see our intentions come into manifestation, the more our level of trust grows. We start to get comfortable with the process and, usually not long after that, we reach the third step, which he called confidence. Confidence, according to Ralph, comes to us when we understand that we're really on to something. At this point, we typically begin using The Intention Process more often. We use it to bring anything that we need into our lives, and we use it confidently.

After noticing that our intentions are coming to life on a steady basis, our confidence then turns into a knowing.

This is the fourth step, and Ralph said that this is where our manifesting skills take a gigantic leap. He said that in preparation for the book he was currently working on, he had interviewed hundreds of people and found that those who had a knowing about their ability to create consciously lived an altogether different kind of life than those who hadn't reached this stage yet. They had a charisma about them; they'd come in touch with their innate power, and, from this point on, there was no turning back. He said it was as if they'd awakened from a dream and had no desire to go back to sleep. Life had regained its excitement and adventure, now that they had accessed their true power. The only thing left for them to do after that was to act courageously. And that is the fifth step: courage.

When we reach the stage of courage in our evolution, we are no longer hampered by what others think or say about us. Fear and intimidation don't play the same roles in our lives as they used to. We call forth the highest good and make our intentions courageously, knowing that whatever we're intending is going to manifest for us.

Our base of power grows stronger and stronger, and soon, after acting with courage for awhile, we reach the sixth and final level on our journey:fortitude. We become like a castle or an impenetrable fortress built upon the peak of the mountain. Having made our way through the previous five steps, we stand firm, at the pinnacle of life, masters of all we survey. Nothing can touch us now. We are grand creators, freed from all worldly cares as God's most precious gifts are arrayed before us to pick and choose from as we please.

From The Code ~ Intentions in Action

My Intention for today is: I intend that I am a mighty manifester and that all good things come to me easily and effortlessly.

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The Bridge ~ Step 10 ~ Gratitude

Go forth with Gratitude and all is added unto you

Gratitude is what makes the Intention Process work. It's the acknowledgment that the intentions we've made in the past have come true. When we express our gratitude, we're saying thank you to the Universe for bringing us the things that we've asked for. Were saying that we recognize that a connection exists between ourselves and the Universe, that we appreciate this connection, and know that we can call on it at any time.

There is always a lot of gratitude expressed in our Intenders Circles. In fact, that's what our Intenders Circles are for - to make our intentions and to express our gratitude for their manifestation. When an Intender speaks of gratitude, it shows everyone in the circle that the laws of manifestation work. It gives those who still carry doubts and skepticism a newfound confidence. It heightens their level of trust when they see their fellow Intenders "winning."

And that's how it all starts. We make an intention, and soon, when it has manifested, we feel like we've gotten a win - and we say so by stating our gratitude. The Intention Process has come full circle. It started out with an intention and it ended with a statement of gratitude.

Once we've seen ourselves and our friends get a win or two, it gets much easier for all of us. We put even more trust in the Intention Process and then we get more and more wins. Pretty soon, we're winning all of the time! Eventually, we'll look around us and see that the world we're living in is the one we've intended for ourselves. We will have created everything in our world consciously. When enough of us have done this, others will learn from our example, and we will all begin to walk this Earth free and full of gratitude.

Last Spring, during the potluck at an Intenders meeting, a very successful woman was telling us about how she manifests things. She was using money as an example. She said that she was grateful for it, both before and after it arrives. That got me started thinking. Up until then, money was always a challenge for me. Every time a bill would come in the mail, I would get upset. Right away, I would start to complain and I'd walk around muttering and wondering how I was ever going to pay it. But since that meeting, I've started doing something different. Now, I thank the Universe when I get a bill in the mail. I think of all the wonderful things that the bills are providing for me and I'm really grateful for them.

Needless to say, everything is much better financially for me now. Since I've started being grateful, I've received more money than I ever had before. It just keeps flowing in, like water from the kitchen faucet. Sometimes I'm even pleasantly surprised by where it comes from!

Ron Merriweather

From The Intenders Handbook

My Intention for today is: I intend that I am living in grace and gratitude.


The Bridge ~ Step 6 ~ Desires

You can have anything and everything you could possibly dream of - even a whole new world to live in.

The second reference point with which we started The Intenders was that our desires are in us to be fulfilled. Our guidance told us early on that we came into this lifetime with a certain set of desires and the way for us to know that we are evolving to our highest potential is by either transcending or fulfilling our desires. If we were born in an eastern culture, where spiritual pursuits are honored more, we might go into a monastic cell and spend anywhere from 20 minutes to 20 years meditating and transmuting our desires in order to get to what the Buddhists call a state of desirelessness. But in our western world where consumerism is king and we've been barraged by advertising since day one, we are probably best off to learn how to fulfill our desires. That's where The Intention Process comes in. We can learn to manifest our desires one at a time until there aren't any more of them.

It's interesting that in the west we have been taught to sweep our desires under the rug; that there's something wrong with us if we have desires. The Intenders teachings remind us, however, that the word De-Sire comes from the Latin meaning "of the Father," and that there is a sacred aspect to our desires. All we need to do to evolve and to empower ourselves at the same time is become more proficient at fulfilling them.

"When I arrived at my first Intenders Circle, I was homeless. I'd been trying to find a way to scrape up enough money to rent a small place, but things just weren't working out for me. I was getting desperate!

"My friends who took me to the Intenders Circle told me not to hold back. They said that, at an Intenders Circle, "the sky's the limit," and that I should ask for my heart's desire. I made an intention to find a place of my own where I would be very, very happy - and I asked that it come to me freely and easily.

"It wasn't two days later and a lady who had been at the meeting called me and said she was going abroad for at least three years. She'd thought about selling her house, but it was such a lovely custom home, right down by the beach, that she couldn't bring herself to part with it. Maybe she'd be back someday, but, in the meantime, would I be interested in caretaking it for free?"

Karen Reid

My Intention for today is: I intend that I am looking within to see what would give me the most joy, and then I am consciously creating it.

The Bridge ~ Step 4 ~ The Highest Good

What you are calling your Intentions for the Highest Goodare the threads of the cloth being woven into the robe of peace.

In the Intenders, we don't have any rules, but we do have one thing that we never compromise on. It's what binds us together and we call it our Highest Good clause or "the world's greatest insurance policy." It works like this: when we make an intention - any intention - we always say that in order for it to manifest that it must serve the highest and best good of the Universe and the highest and best good for ourselves and everyone concerned. It's as simple as that! Oh, and by the way, even if we forget to say it, it's understood that the Highest Good clause is always in effect when we make our intentions.

When we first started to use the Intention Process, we thought that the only thing we were doing was learning how to manifest things so we'd be happier. It wasn't until we'd been at it for well over a year that we realized something else was happening. Not only were our dreams coming true, but we were also letting go of old stuff that we'd been hanging onto forever. It was that old stuff that was holding us back from living in our highest light. On one hand, our desires were being fulfilled; and, on the other hand, we were giving up our old desires that hadn't manifested. Pretty soon, we noticed that we didn't have as many desires as before. They had all either been manifested or let go of. That's when things started getting really good! We began to feel lighter and freer. The Intention Process was lining us up with our highest good, and what was being brought to us was a more wonderful, much grander gift than we had received from the small, mundane intentions that we had manifested since we first started. It was as if we were sprouting wings.

Sally Moore
From The Intenders Handbook

My Intention for today is: I intend that I am aligned with the Highest Good in everything I say and do.

The Bridge ~ Step 5 ~ Doubts

How much greater we are than we think we are

There are three main things that can interfere with the manifestation of our intentions. The first is the "yet" factor, which calls on us to remember that just because something hasn't manifested yet doesn't mean that it's not going to manifest. The second is the Highest Good factor which asks us to understand that the Universe knows better for us than we know for ourselves. Sometimes it's just not in our Highest Good - or the Highest Good of others involved - for our intention to manifest. And the third thing that can sabotage us is doubt.

There is a old story about the Knower and the Novice that best explains how to deal with our doubts. When the Novice makes an intention and then, soon after, is faced with doubt or resistance, he tends to buy into the doubts. These doubts can be thoughts coming from inside him that tell him that he can't have, or doesn't deserve, or can't afford whatever it is that he's intended to manifest. Similarly, these doubts can also come from his outside environment in the form of well meaning friends or business advisors who say that he couldn't possibly manifest his desires. As the Novice buys into the doubts, regardless of their source, he sabotages his experience, loses trust in the Laws of Manifestation, and stops his forward movement.

The Knower is a different story. When the Knower is confronted with doubts or resistances, instead of believing in them, he ignores them and continues moving forward. He understands that the Intention Process always works - that we are all grand Creators, capable of great things - and all we have to do is trust that when we hold onto a thought that it will manifest for us. We may not know when or where. We just know that it will.

My Intention for today is: I intend that I am ignoring any doubts and that I am continuing to move forward toward the manifestation of my intentions.