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It's so easy to change yourself.
Use this formula that was given to me the other day by Action International, an organisation dedicated to business coaching.
D * V + F > R
D= The amount of dissatisfaction
V= Vision or dream that you want to achieve
F= The first steps needed to get going
R= Resistance that you put up.

D*V+F must be greater than Resistance for you to change. Calculate this using a scale out of 10 for the first part of the equation. For the resistance work it out on a scale of 100..

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Action Plan

Lao Tsu said "The journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first few steps."

How do you eat an elephant? A bit at a time.

Martin Luther  said "Take a few steps, take a few steps even though you can't see the whole staircase."

To get the full benefit of this philosophy,  start thinking about the next small steps for yourself.  What do you need to do,  however small, to get what you want in your life? Keep asking this question every day until you get the answer.  The Subsconscious Mind likes repetitions.

Stating Intentions

Stating IntentionsThe Bridge ~ Step 13 ~

That which you are reaching toward is also reaching out toward you

The Intention Process is just about as simple as it can be. All you have to do is say I intend and then follow it up with whatever it is that you desire. It could be anything! You could intend to have a new coat for yourself or you could intend for world peace. Since there are no limits on what you can think about, there are no limits on what you can intend!

For me, I get up every morning and I intend that I am joyful and happy. I intend fun and laughter. I intend that I am in perfect health - rejuvenated, aligned, balanced, and feeling physically great all of the time. I intend that I am always guided, guarded, and protected. These are a few of the general intentions that I start with everyday and then I look around at my life to see what I am needing. If the old wheelbarrow just broke, I'd intend that I have a new one. If the computer decided to go on the fritz, I'd intend that it gets fixed. I don't leave anything out because there's no reason to hold back!

I like to make a few intentions each day about my personal traits. Sometimes I intend that I am a more compassionate person; or I intend that I'm more kind or gentle. And sometimes, especially when there are a lot of dramas going on all around me, I intend that I see everyone in their highest light and every event from its highest point of view. That way, I'm able to observe all of the sorrow and suffering in the world and still remain uplifted. I intend that I remember that it doesn't do anybody any good to drop down into someone else's challenges and become troubled or sad along with them. It's much better to set an example by staying happy and cheerful.

After intending for things like this for awhile, I take a closer look at the world at large and make a few intentions for it too. For example, I intend that men, women, and children everywhere experience grace. And I intend that peace and harmony blossom all across the land. And I intend that this Earth is living in its highest light, and that, within our environment, the air we breathe is clean and crisp; the water everywhere is crystal clear and delicious; the soil is abundant with lush growth and beautiful fruit is dripping from the trees; the animals are honored and respected; and people all over the world are happy and smiling because they're being given everything that they need! And, last but not least, I intend that all of my thoughts, words, and deeds serve the highest and best good of the Universe, myself, and everyone everywhere.

So be it and so it is!

From The Intenders Handbook

My Intention for today is: I intend that I remember to start out everyday by saying my intentions.

More information on http://www.intenders.org

Change Yourself Today

Changing Yourself needs you to look at your Values and your Beliefs.  See http://www.hypno-works.co.uk/sayings.htm.

Belief Change is easy with PSYCH-K.  See http://www.hypno-works.co.uk/psychk.htm

10 Emotional triggers

10 Emotional Triggers

1. People want to make more money. They may
want to start their own business, get a higher paying
job or invest in the stock market. This will make
them feel successful.
2. People want to save money. They may want to
invest for the future or save for a big purchase.
This will make them feel more secure.
3. People want to save time. They may want to
work less and spend time enjoying life's pleasures.
This will make them feel more relaxed.
4. People want to look better. They may want to
lose weight, tone their body, or improve their facial
features. This will make them feel more attractive.
5. People want to learn something new. They may
want to learn how to change their car oil or build a
deck. This will make them feel more intelligent.
 6. People want to live longer. They may want to
get in shape, eat better or gain extra energy. This
will make them feel healthier.
 7. People want to be comfortable. They may want
to relive aches and pains or want to sleep in a more
comfortable bed. This will make them feel
 8. People want to be loved. They may not want to
be lonely anymore or want to start dating again.
This will make them feel wanted.
 9. People want to be popular. They may want to
be a famous celebrity or be more popular in
school. This will make them feel praised and
 10. People want to gain pleasure. They may want
satisfy their appetite or sexual desires. This will
make them feel more fulfilled.
David Disch
"Loneliness is the most terrible poverty." -- Mother Teresa