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Negative Image of smoking

Smoking kills over 120,000 people in the UK every year, i.e over 335 die each day.

Cigarettes contains more than 4000 chemical compounds and at least 600 toxic substances, among these, 60 are known to be carcinogen.

Tar is one of the major causes of lung cancer. Just smoking a year can leave as much tar as a cupful in your lungs!

Carbon Monoxide reduces the oxygen level in your body by 15%.

Nicotine is a poisonous alkaloid found in tobacco and is used in insecticides and belongs to the deadly nightshade family. Its effects are disastrous, especially on your cholesterol, clogging up your arteries.

When you inhale a cigarette, the heat at the tip is at 700 degrees Celsius   and about 60 degrees at the core! This heat  breaks down the tobacco to produce various poisons  and the residues are concentrated towards the butt.  However the smoke streams are more lethal than actually inhaling  the cigarette! Now you understand why passive smoking kills  and causes ill health in thousands of people every year.

You may be telling yourself that life is short  and your ciggies give you a lot of pleasure right now.

Now let's say, you think about the sort of death a smoker faces.  it will definitely be a lingering and a very painful death,  Morphine  will not be able to give you relief. The symptoms will appear bearable at first, breathlessness,  coughs,  phlegms, frequent colds  and flu, then the serious stuff will start,  frequent visits to the GP, referrals to hospital consultants,  and hey presto! you have  this incurable disease.  How could this be?  You may not die but may instead become an invalid.

You may also say to yourself that everyone has to die. Every smoke you have shortens your life by an average ten minutes. Give some thought to the suffering and pain that you may have to face, paralysed as a result of a  stroke, cancer, amputation etc.. That won't be a quick death.

If you have a family,  don't think about the effects your illness and death will have on them.  You will leave a legacy of turmoil, trauma and future ill health  for your children. This is not fair on them.  Be responsible. Your illusion is their reality.

Ex-smokers can look forward to a healthier old age than smokers. They will enjoy life with their children and grand children.  What about you?

Smoking causes cancer of the oesophagus and mouth,  cancer of the kidneys, pancreas, bladder   and the cervix as well as lung cancer.  There's coronary thrombosis,  stroke,  atheroma, high blood pressure,  ulcers,  fertility problems  etc.. but the good news is YOU CAN STOP SMOKING RIGHT NOW, if you really want to.

There are now 8 million ex-smokers in the UK.  Stress does not make you smoke. You smoke because it is a habit rather then an addiction. You may think that you are addicted therefore it is difficult to give up. If you are addicted,  you will not be able to go without a ciggie when you are ill,  in bed, on an aeroplane etc , you will need you to follow a program,  like AA or replacement drugs if you want to give up. However with smoking, the habit can be fixed easily in one hour of Hypnotherapy! 

Suggestion Therapy alone has a 30-60%  success rate,  whereas Advanced  Hypnotherapy which uses a number of techniques has a 95% chance of succeeding.  The success depends on you as to whether you want to become smoke free.  Smoking is a habit,  rarely an addiction.