Hypnotherapy, Pain Reduction & Trauma Release in South Wales, UK

Are you ready to give up?

You are not if:
  • You think that the cost is too much. Sometime the cost helps you to become more determined to follow the instructions given while under Hypnosis. Because you are paying more than the average,  you will come back if you need a booster.
  • You are not aware of the money that you are spending. Think of the saving that you are going to make,  you will be able to save over £1250 a year  from now on. Small price to pay for your good health and bank balance.
  • You think nothing can replace the pleasure that you get from smoking.
  • You think that the ciggie is your best friend.  You will be lost without it.
  • Someone is nagging you to give up. Because you live in an unreal world,  you are not able to see their points of view.


  • You can get rid of all ashtrays, lighters in the house.
  • Start  to do things differently every day instead of following a routine,  break some other habit.
  • Know that the withdrawal effect,  if they do come will  be mild compared  to having a leg amputated or having a bad toothache.
  • Protect yourself with a good Multi-Vitamin   and Vit. C 1000mg.
  • Tell your family  and friends to support you, because smoking is a habit and we never forget  a habit even though we have not ridden a bike for years. Tell them you are detoxing.
  • Please use places which are non smoking.
  • List all the reasons for smoking and the negative aspects of this habit.
  • List what you will be able to do if you don't smoke.
  • Imagine your life as a smoker  and a non smoker.
  • Decide how you are going to spend the money that you will save.
  • Decide on a day and give me a ring on 01633 810126.

Smokers and other addicts live in an illusion. Their world is great, inspite of evidence to suggest that they are harming themselves and  the people around them.  It is like every hour they hit themselves with a hammer  and then they have to take an aspirin. Soon they are doing this without much conscious effort and then they say to themselves that what a life saver an aspirin is! 


Hopefully you are now able to make that decision. You will not be deprived of anything. Millions are non smokers  and remain so. Confidence and  self esteem are all boosted  with Hypnotherapy.

  • You need not put on any weight after giving up, if you eat sensibly and make sure that you have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and that you do eat your 5 portions,  anyway we do give you a suggestion while you are in hypnosis that you will eat healthily.
  • You will find other pastimes more advantageous to you.
  • You will have not have unbearable withdrawal symptoms.
  • You will be a non-smoker, if you really want to.  There are now millions of ex-smokers who have given up permanently.  It is that easy.